Die zweite Ausgabe des Fever Creek Festivals in Bildern mit Künstlern wie Magic & Naked, Canyon Spree und KéPA. // The second edition of the Fever Creek Festival in photos with artists such as Magic & Naked, Canyon Spree and KéPA.

Photo 1: The location Marie-Antoinette lays next to the Spree
2: Audience in front of Marie-Antoinette
3: Preparing the merchandise stand before the show
4: Christian Piterek of the Fever Creek team greets the audience
5: First act: Singer/Songwriter duo Leonora Hesse
6: Nora and Leon break their singing with guitar and violin, ranging from dreamy to energetic
7: Martha Rose enchants the listener with her playful Folk
8: Martha Rose plays not only the guitar but also the violin and keyboard
9: So after all money can buy you love: the lovely merchandise of Martha Rose
10: One man Blues band: KéPA impresses with multiple talents
11: KéPA’s real name is Bastien Duverdier
12: Rock ‘n’ Roll with Canyon Spree
13: Berlin, France and New Zealand: Canyon Spree is a multinational band
14: For the first time in Germany: Magic & Naked from Switzerland
15: The four revive the psychedelic era of late 60s
16: Magic & Naked round off the night

Photos by Thea Welle except 2,3 and 14